Improving Agile training at Cancer Research UK — part 1

First iteration of breaking down the objective and its key results.

Providing context

Current learning objectives for agile training at Cancer Research UK.

Defining and fleshing out the problem

Training participants’ expectations grouped into themes.
  • Improving ways of working
  • Broaden agile knowledge
  • Relevance to Cancer Research UK
  • Personal development
  • Learn practical tips to improve ways of working
  • Know and be able to explain what agile is
  • Know how to encourage an agile mindset in a team
  • Understand what agile means for CRUK
  • Understand how agile is applied in a non-tech environment


  • HMW concisely explain the agile principles in a way that is relateable and relevant to all types of participants?
  • HMW create a balance between communicating agile as a mindset and providing some practical tools and techniques to put agile into practice?
  • HMW include examples of agility in Cancer Research UK in a way that non-tech people can relate to?
  • HMW improve group activities in a way that participants understand how the underlying message links back to agile?
  • HMW encourage participants to leave with an action to apply/explore what they have learnt?

Next Steps




Product Manager based in London. ✨ Product thinking 🚀 Team building 🎯 Career development 💪 Women in tech

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Julia M. Godinho

Julia M. Godinho

Product Manager based in London. ✨ Product thinking 🚀 Team building 🎯 Career development 💪 Women in tech

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